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    Fort Jackson, SC - In Processing

    All personnel, regardless of grade, must report to Bldg Number 5450, Storm Thurmond Blvd, Room 200, during working hours. After 1700 on Friday, report to the Welcome Center. Welcome Center (Fort Jackson Inn) located in Building 7550 at the intersection of Marion and Benning Road.

    The Post Newcomers' Orientation is held the first Wednesday of every month at the Post Conference Room on Jackson Blvd 96 Bldg 4376, corner of Jackson and Gregg (near Post Headquarters). Start time is 0900 hrs with doors open at 0830. The Orientation usually lasts no more than 2 hours and Soldiers are encouraged to invite their spouses. Normally, a representative of the Command Group will open the orientation with a personal welcome to Soldiers and their families, followed by additional information and speakers. Soldiers should check with their Unit on the question of mandatory attendance. Child care is provided at no charge. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours ahead of time by phone at 803-751-1972. For further information on the Orientation, please call ACS at 751-5256.