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    Fort Jackson, SC - Post Exchange

    The Main Post Exchange at Fort Jackson offers many restaurant s and concessions as well as a variety of retail stores. The Post Exchange is located in Building 4110 on Moseby Street. Many fast-food restaurants are part of the Exchange as well as a sportswear store, barber shop and nail salon. For more specific information about retail stores at the Fort Jackson Post Exchange, call 803-787-1950.

    Main PX Shopping Center Complex
    Exchange(s) - Post Exchange (Main)
    4110 Moseby Street
    Fort Jackson, SC 29207
    Phone 803-787-1950 / 803-787-1951
    Phone (DSN) 312-734-1950
    Fax 803-790-7705
    Fax (DSN) 312-734-7705

    Mon to Sat 0900-2100
    Sun 1000-1900