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    Fort Jackson, SC - Red Cross

    The American Red Cross at Fort Jackson provides counseling and referral services to military personnel and their families as well as health and safety courses. The Red Cross office is located in Building 2179 on Sumter Avenue, Room A-10 on Fort Jackson. Its hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 0730-1630. Many volunteer programs are offered, and families of military personnel are encouraged to apply to participate in the programs. For further information about specific programs offered at Fort Jackson, call 803-751-4329 or DSN 734-4329.

    American Red Cross Office
    Building 4475
    Gregg Street
    Fort Jackson, SC 29207

    Phone Number:
    (803) 751-4329
    DSN 734-4329

    Days open: Monday - Friday
    Hours: 0730-1630

    The American Red Cross office provides traditional Red Cross services to Department of Defense personnel at Fort Jackson. These services include communications, verification of emergencies, counseling and referral services, and emergency financial assistance.

    The Red Cross coordinates Red Cross volunteer programs and offers Health and Safety courses to the military, DoD civilians and their dependents here at Fort Jackson.